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2018.07.25 - Bound Floor Type
A solid floor block type that can be found at the bounds of the game board. It cannot be removed.

2018.07.25 - Random World Generator
The part of the game software which is responsible for the world creation. The first randomized thing about the world was its surface. Every time the player started the game there was a different landscape to walk over. The player was instantly on a randomly generated world after starting the game executable. There was no title screen with any options to choose from.

2018.07.24 - Larva Enemy
The first enemy in the game. It was supposed to be a larva of some kind, that would eat the crops the player grows.

2018.07.21 - Player Character Female Blonde
The character already existed before I started to develop Dixelscape. I created it with a tool called Piskel. When I started to develop Dixelscape I needed a character to walk around with. I remembered that I drew one years ago and decided to use it. The character had only animation frames which were making it walk and stand. Jumping or hitting with a weapon or tool all came later. Also the character was too big for the grid size 8x8 I was using at this point.

2018.07.21 - Floor: Flat Surface
The first floor was just a flat surface which was the top side of a square. I created it in Unity3D by using game objects. The square consisted of 300x300 smaller 8x8 squares of which each was a game object.

Dixelscape is a 2D sandbox game. It has a procedurally generated world.