Post 2

2018.08.08 - Grass Floor (First oriented floor)
Floor tiles in each cell looked all the same. I improved on this with tile orientations and variations. Depending on the neighbor hood the floor tile would get a corresponding appearance. The bound of the floor was showing grass at this point.

2018.07.30 - Player Character Female Brunette
I painted an alternative character, but I did not keep her in the game. It made me sad. I told myself I would change the implementation to change the colors in-game, but there was always something else that was more pressing and made me even more unhappy. And at some point I forgot about the second variation. Until I rediscovered her by revisiting my development history.

2018.07.27 - Enemy Movement AI
Very simple AI which moves to the right or to the left depending on where the player is relatively located. When movement gets blocked by an obstacle it tries to jump to get over it. It is amazing how well this simple algorithm works.

Dixelscape is a 2D sandbox game. It has a procedurally generated world.