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2018.09.28 - Flicker Animation (Player Damage)
A flickering of the player character occurs when damage is received.

2018.09.22 - Damage to Player
An overlap with an enemy causes the player to receive damage.

2018.09.19 - Healthbar
The health bar indicates how much damage the player can take before being defeated. It is made of a row of green heart symbols. Receiving damage makes the healthbar loose its green color from right to left. The heart symbols turn yellow to visualize the loss of life points.

2018.09.05 - Item Stack Count
Most item stacks show a counter indicating the number of items hold by the stack. There are however items which don't have a counter like tools or weapons. It essentially means that there is a single item in the slot and that the item cannot be stacked.

2018.09.05 - Item Stack
An item stack can hold a number of items of the same type. A selected item stack can be used by clicking with the left mouse button outside the area occupied by the quickbar. The item stack might consist of several items which may be usable or not. Using an item stack can reduce the amount of items the stack is holding.

2018.09.02 - Quickbar
The quickbar is a small inventory. It has ten slots of which each can hold an item stack. By clicking on a quickbar slot with the left mouse button the slot and thus the item stack gets selected.

2018.08.31 - Collect Items
Items can be collected by the player by touching them with the player character.

2018.08.30 - Loam Block Item Drop
After the removal of a loam/grass floor cell, a loose loam block item will be left behind. Loam and grass are the same floor type here.

2018.08.10 - Modifiable Floor
Using the pickaxe on the floor will remove loam floor blocks.

2018.07.31 - Damage to Enemy
Using the pickaxe on an enemy would deliver damage to it. This allowed to defeat an enemy and make it disappear.

2018.07.31 - Weapon
The iron pickaxe was also the first weapon.

2018.07.31 - Pickaxe (Iron)
The pickaxe is a tool that allows to modify the game floor. The first pickaxe introduced was 'a' iron pickaxe.

Dixelscape is a 2D sandbox game. It has a procedurally generated world.