Post 5

In Post 4 I already explained that saving the game is now possible. When pressing Esc while being in a loaded world, a small dialog window shows up. The upper left image shows that dialog.

Seeds can be placed on the floor if the grass has been removed. The upper left image shows that kind of floor. It is a loam floor and the second floor type I included into the game.

One might ask how to remove the grass? As for this state of the game it was rather sub-optimal. You had to pickaxe the floor away and place it back where it was. If there was grass in the neighborhood, it would grow back. So the player had to quickly set seeds into the grass free loam floor.

The other two images at the bottom show a planted carrot seed and a fully grown carrot. Even though it cannot be seen here on the image, the carrot has several grow stages before it can be harvested.

Yeah, I know. The 'u' is flipped. I actually drew it this way without realizing it. I only noticed it the next day. It took a while before I fixed it.

Dixelscape is a 2D sandbox game. It has a procedurally generated world.