Post 6

To make grass removal more convenient, I introduced a hoe. You can see it in the inventory on the image on the lower left. By hitting on a grass block it will turn it into a loam block. Like with the pickaxe, the hoe can be used to attack an enemy. Then you can place a seed in it to make a crop grow. The only condition is though it has to have enough solid neighbors around it and needs to be a surface block. In this state of the game there are only carrots available.

The carrots on the top right are in their 1st growth stage. The larva seems to be interested. Carrot seeds can be seen in the inventory as well. They have the stack count of 2. You can plant two carrots with them.

The very first goal in the game was to sell harvested crops. The chest you see on the lower right image is a harvest box. At this point the player was able to put harvested carrots in it. The money counter on the upper right image will be updated right away by the worth of the item stack put into the harvest box.

Dixelscape is a 2D sandbox game. It has a procedurally generated world.