Post 18

The water you see in this post is of static nature. This means it does not move. This is a design decision I made for several reasons. As you might have guessed, so far the game has a focus on growing crops. And I simply want to avoid a field of crops to get flooded. The other reason is another feature this game will get later on, which was far more important to me than moving water. This feature requires the water to be static in order to avoid another weird problem the game would run into. All in all I feel dynamic water causes more problems than it is worth. I know this will upset some people. I'm sorry guys.

The first item in the inventory shows a wood block. That is the kind of block the cabin is made of in the image section above. I also used wood back walls to create the cabin, which are not shown in the inventory.

The inventory got an improvement. There are now tabs attached to it which allow to navigate between 10 different quick bars. To make it easier to see if a quick bar is empty the tabs show how full the corresponding quick bar is.

Dixelscape is a 2D sandbox game. It has a procedurally generated world.