Post 21

The block shader has now sub block interpolation applied. Additionally to the block shader I also added a pixel shader. It looks smoother this way. You can see the result on both images.

I realized soon that dumping recipes as items into the inventory turned out to be sub-optimal. On the one side it was filling up space quickly and on the other side it was hard to find a specific recipe.

The result is the dialog you can see below. It is a recipe book. In fact it is a list with all recipes the player ever collected. The list can be sorted according to how recent the item got obtained or in alphabetical order. in the image it has recent items active. It can be changed with the two buttons left to the search bar. The search bar allows to apply a search filter on the list to narrow down the search.

A recipe can be viewed by clicking on the info button. Unlike before a recipe collected by the player does not show up in the inventory anymore, instead it shows up as a new entry inside the recipe book.

Dixelscape is a 2D sandbox game. It has a procedurally generated world.