Post 24

Once the player talked to the merchant, a shop dialog will show up. The Shop dialog contains a list of items the player is able to purchase given enough money got collected before.

The germlings in the lower left section of the upper image replace the hearts of the life bar. I thought it would be a better fit since the focus of Dixelscape is supposed to be on growing plants.

As you might have noticed the bar has become shorter. It has three life containers instead of 8. The player will now have to buy more container from the merchant to extend the life bar with more containers and thus more life points. The same goes for space in the inventory. As you can see in the upper right section of the first image, the player has only two tabs out of 10.

Once the player decides to buy an item from the merchant, either the money or arrow button will have to be pressed to start the transaction. The money button indicates an immediate purchase while the arrow button will lead to a dialog that allows to specify the amount of items the player wants to buy. For some items it simply makes no sense to specify the amount. I therefore left it out. Like for the life and inventory extensions.

In the lower right section of the upper image there you can take a look at the dialog to specify the amount.

Dixelscape is a 2D sandbox game. It has a procedurally generated world.