Getting Started

Dixelscape is in active development and may therefore be unstable, feel incomplete, unbalanced and not optimally tuned.

Make sure the following libraries got installed on your operating system before starting Dixelscape:
- Visual C++ 2019 Redistributable x64
- .NET Core 3.1 x64

Download the zip archive with the latest build, decompress it to any place you like and start the game with dixelscape.exe.

Note: Dixelscape is only available as x64 application.

First Steps:
The first thing you will see after starting Dixelscape is the title screen. There you can click on ‘New Game’ to start the generator, which will create a new world for you to discover. Don’t worry if it takes a while until the generated world shows up on your screen or the window gets unresponsive. This is normal. The generator is working hard and blocks the game loop. Just wait a little, it will come.

You can also navigate to options if you like. But there is only some basic stuff you can change, like going into window mode or changing the screen resolution.

Obtain your first weapon:
The first thing you should do is to craft a weapon. Everything you need for it is a piece of wood, which you can pick up from the floor by clicking on it with the right mouse button. In your inventory in the lower left corner of the screen, you can find a tree stump and the piece of wood you just picked up. You need to select the tree stump, which is a crafting station, with the left mouse button. You did it right if you can see a yellow border around the slot the tree stump is placed in. Now place that crafting station by clicking with the left mouse button right above the floor. Make sure you don’t click on the floor but really right above it. Also nothing else should be placed there. The piece of wood you have in your inventory needs to be put into the crafting station. For that you need to pick it from the inventory. Know the difference here. You don’t select it. You pick it. Use the right mouse button for that. If done right you see the piece of wood next to your mouse cursor. Move the mouse cursor to the tree stump you placed on the floor before. Click again with the right mouse button. The piece of wood will be consumed by the crafting station and enables the crafting button you can see next to your inventory. It is placed to the right of it. After clicking on the crafting button a crafting dialog will show up. There you can select the item you want to craft, from a list by clicking on the crafting button in the same row. Here there will only be one item in the list, which is the wooden stick. Pressing the crafting button in the respective row will close the dialog and will make the item you just crafted show up in the players inventory.

Select the wooden stick you just crafted by left-clicking it in the inventory and activate the weapon by left-clicking while having the cursor hover the game scene. As a result you will see your character hitting with the wooden stick.


  • The crafting button next to the inventory is crossed out: you might have inserted the wrong type or amount of items. In the above example you need to insert exactly 1 loose wood unit. Not more. And not anything else. By inserting items you are matching a recipe for the desired item to produce. If an item stack in your inventory does not match the required amount you can split the stack by holding shift pressed while right-clicking with the mouse button on the item stack placed in the inventory.
  • Where are my ingredient items I tossed into the crafting station? If the ingredients you provided to the crafting station do not match any recipe and you want them back, you have to click the crossed out crafting button. It will return all ingredients to your inventory.